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At this time, Bottle Cap Publishing is not accepting submissions from new authors.

Permission Requests

All permission requests must be in writing. You may send requests via e-mail to editorial@bottlecappublishing.com or standard mail:

Permission Request
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If you wish to contact a Bottle Cap Publishing author, please read our guidelines for contacting an author as described below.

If you wish to contact an author and their email address is not listed on our website, please write to the author in care of Bottle Cap Publishing and we will forward your request. For privacy reasons, we are not able to give out personal addresses or phone numbers.

We appreciate hearing from you. Bottle Cap Publishing cannot guarantee that every letter written to the author will be answered, but all will be forwarded. Please write to:

Author Name
c/o Bottle Cap Publishing
PO Box 4595
Lawrence, KS 660469998

If you are a member of the media, and are interested in an author interview, contact publicity@bottlecappublishing.com

If you are a bookseller or professional organization, and would like to request a specific author for your store or event, contact publicity@bottlecappublishing.com.

Review Copies

To request review copies or press materials contact: editorial@bottlecappublishing.com. Requests are processed based on availability and appropriateness.