Coming in 2017

The Alchemist’s Stone (The Village Alchemist Book #2)

Picking up only a few months after the end of book one, The Alchemist’s Stone continues Malcolm’s quest to become a master alchemist by creating a philosopher’s stone, the great work every alchemist must achieve. He also needs to deal with new responsibilities and relationships in his life, including his apprentice, Danny, a young man with the power to transform metals with a touch.

The Alchemist's Stone by Kevin Wohler

After more than half a century, alchemist Malcolm Ward has yet to complete his magnum opus, the philosopher’s stone. Then a young man arrives on his doorstep with the power of the stone—the ability to transmute elements with a simple touch.

Taking Danny as his apprentice, Malcolm promises to teach the boy control of this newfound power. But others are interested in Danny’s ability, too. As shadowy government agents appear, allies in the metaphysical community warn Malcolm that magic users are being abducted.

On the run, Malcolm and Danny come face to face with an ancient darkness—one drawn to children with magical power. And Danny may be next on its list.

To stay ahead of their abductors and bind the darkness, Malcolm might need to learn a trick or two from his apprentice. Is it alchemy…or something else? In Salt City, there are no easy answers.

The Alchemist’s Stone is the second book in The Village Alchemist series. It is scheduled for a 2017 release. It will be available in ebook and print formats.