Coming in 2018

The Alchemist’s Stone (The Village Alchemist Book #2)

Picking up more than a year after the end of book one, The Alchemist’s Stone continues Malcolm’s quest to become a master alchemist by creating a philosopher’s stone, the great work every alchemist must achieve. He also needs to deal with new responsibilities and relationships in his life, including his apprentice, Danny, a young man with the power to transform elements with a simple touch. Here’s the back cover copy:

The Alchemist's Stone by Kevin Wohler

For more than half a century, alchemist Malcolm Ward has been unable to complete his magnum opus, the philosopher’s stone. Then he meets Danny, a teen with the ability to transmute elements with a simple touch.

Malcolm takes Danny as his apprentice, hoping to guide the young man to control his power and unlock the missing secret of the philosopher’s stone.

But others are looking for Danny. A dark entity that possesses metaphysically gifted young adults has set its sights on the powerful apprentice. And agents from the US Treasury department are on the hunt for the young man after following a trail of counterfeit gold.

To stay ahead of the government and to destroy the dark entity, Malcolm will need to learn a trick or two from his apprentice. Is it alchemy…or something else? In Salt City, there are no easy answers.

The Alchemist’s Stone is the second book in The Village Alchemist series. It is scheduled for a 2018 release. It will be available in ebook and print formats.